Discrimination law suit won!

t57925_13Good news today! An historic case was won in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, EEOC v. Chevron Phillips. The EEOC sued Lorin Netterville’s former employer claiming violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The trial court granted summary judgment for the employer; the 5th Circuit reversed it.

Netterville is affected with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Her illness was is remission, and she was fired when it relapsed on her after 17 years. Her old employer said that she allegedly falsified her job-required medical evaluation.
The court ruled against the company, saying:

* The questions didn’t specifically include ME/CFS as a condition,
* and after 17 symptom-free years, a reasonable person wouldn’t likely understand that ME/CFS might be included in the category of “blood conditions.” (via)

This is one of the first law suits I have read about that helps us in our fight! It is so hard to prove our invisible illnesses. Even in this economy, it is nice to know that we do have equal rights!

for more information on this case please read about it here:

Law Memo Blog

For more info on your rights:
About.com and American Disabilities Act


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