Gluten free and tasty? How can that be?

flourless-brownieWhole foods just posted a great recipe on their blog (via) for a gluten free brownie recipe! Here’s the kicker- are you sitting down?- the secret ingredient is black beans! Who would of guessed? My sweet tooth and curious nature really wants to bake them for all my friends. Then, see if they can tell the difference between gluten free brownies and the ol’ wheat flour made brownies! Maybe at the next dinner party, I’ll try an experiment!

For the recipe from Whole Foods : Gluten free brownies

Other great gluten free sources:

Gluten Free Living Magazine

Bette Hagman:
The pioneer of gluten free cooking. Her cook books are wonderful. If you are planning on making your own bread, her cook book is a must in your kitchen!
Read more about her:
Macmillan Books

Bread Flour Formulas: Celiac Spruce Association


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