Life changes; going with the flow

Dealing with chronic pain for so many years, I have had my share of health insurance headaches. Actually, I think by now my brain is hard-wired to just have a headache anytime I hear the word health insurance. Ouch, there one goes again.

Recently, I started a new job. Which means switching to COBRA, then over to my new company’s insurance plan. While I was in the process of switching to COBRA, they decided to stop carrying my old health plan, unbeknownst to me, COBRA, or either of my health plans, old or new. Sometimes, I wonder if there is a man behind the big green curtain just messing with my medical insurance to watch me go insane. Really, if he is out there, he is winning!

This entire ordeal took place during the time I ran out of my medication. If you are reading my blog, you know exactly how freaked out I felt to be out of my meds. They help me sleep, get out of bed, and basically function as a productive member of society. At the same time, they add nausea, constipation, mood swings, appetite issues, and brain fog to my already complicated medical history. It’s truly a love-hate relationship.

After many phone calls and trips back and forth to my very patient pharmacy, I was finally able to resolve some of my insurance issues. Wait, I said some. To make a long story short, I was not able to resolve all my insurance issues. This has left me without one of my medications for about three weeks. I thought that this would leave me with many sleepless nights while suffering in pain, and not having the resources or strength to make it through a full day of work.

But au contraire, my pain is under control! If there is one thing chronic pain has taught me, it has been how to meet life’s challenges head on without fear. I knew the only way I was going to make it through my insurance debacle, was to think straight. The only way I can do that is by not being in pain. If I can’t have my medications to help me, what other things could I do to help myself? I watched what I ate, my activities, and my stress levels. Everything I really should be doing to stay healthy anyways, but now I was on survivalist mode. And you know what? It’s working! I have been able to make it through my days with less medication.

So please don’t forget, just because things might look worse for you one minute, give it a few. Think of how to react to your world around you and what is best for your body. Find your inner strength to meet your challenges. You never know how it just might turn out for you when you do!

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5 Responses to Life changes; going with the flow

  1. martine says:

    I have had fibro for a little over 10 years. I’ve been exploring fibro blogs and am in the process of creating one. When I read your post about health ins. and meds. I had to laugh (ironically) because it mirrors what’s going on in my life right now. I retired and switched from my regular plan to the retired plan, same company. The health ins. comp. decided that I could not longer get my main medication for pain until I had gone on another (in formula) drug and failed on it. So instead of taking what works I have to get off that and get on something that is not even approved for firbro and fail on it. Then they will pay for my first medication again. What!!! How is that even reasonable? Well, I’m down to half a dose of my original med, eating right, and doing the survivalist mode and not taking the one that is not approved. And you know what, I’m doing okay too. I have more pain but feel less drugged. I think that I’m going to go for it and try to get off altogether. It’s very scary because I can feel the pain there waiting for me. Thanks for your post because it made me feel that I was not alone.

  2. I cannot believe that this can be true

    • flourishwithfibro says:

      What do you mean you cannot believe that this can be true? This blog is written from my own experiences from what I learn along my journey with FM. I know that at times living with a chronic illness your life can be overwhelming and difficult. Your life can seem at any moment to fall apart into a million pieces with just the tiniest whisper. Please remember that frailty is not a weakness but a tool that you can use to learn how to think outside of the box.

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