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Hi there and welcome to my blog about Fibromyalgia.

Like many of you dealing with this painful disorder, it is sometimes hard to know which way is up. I am here to tell you, I know exactly how you feel. Over the last 13 years, I have survived every stage that fibromyalgia has thrown at me. And, I am still constantly learning how to take charge of my own well-being, while not allowing FM to rule my life.

There are always new ways to take care of yourself, manage your pain and help explain to your family and friends just what exactly you are going through with your fibro. I am constantly learning about new research for fibromyalgia and related disorders. While facing this illness, I have found that it is easier to deal with, when I understand what my body is going through and what tools are available to help me.

My intent for this blog is to help the fibromyalgia community find new ways to flourish and thrive towards a better understanding and health.

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Amy Higgins

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