The Super Villains Of Chronic Pain


One would think that the main super villain of chronic pain is actually the pain itself. That’s not the case. Pain is only the catalyst to an evil plot that inflicts harm and discord. The true evil in this tale are pain’s band of super villains. The actions of these super villains reinforce fear and uncertainty in an already unstable world, thus continuing the physical and emotional pain into a chronic state of chaos.

Introducing the real super villains of chronic pain:

The Green Goblin

This super villain loves to spread a feeling of ill appetite and nausea. No matter what one eats or drinks, there is zero rhyme or reason as to when and how much The Green Goblin will strike. Medications and acidic foods help his power increase with intensity. Mint, ginger and other herbal remedies are sometimes your only defense against this opponent.

The Deadly Taint

Usually striking a few days before a full-blown pain attack, the Deadly Taint can hit hard and fast. Sometimes, the Taint’s powers can last throughout the entire pain episode, where as other times this villain comes and goes with ease. Soft toilet paper, wet wipes and a book in the bathroom can lesson the unease of the Deadly Taint’s attack.

Sleep Monger

The Sleep Monger’s name is cursed most often during the wee hours of the night. The Monger’s main power is to keep you wide awake no matter ow much you want and need to sleep. Defensive measures such as a warm glass of milk, a lavender bath, a dark room or the most comfortable of comfy beds is no match for the Monger’s evil need to keep you awake. Some say that the Sleep Monger owns stock in silly late night TV shows and AngryBird. However, reports have never comfirmed this to be true or just a rumor.

The Fog

Known to many as Fibro Fog, this super villain attacks when a fibromite least expects it and needs it. (For example, it just attacked me. I had to spell “least” five times before I actually typed the correct word.) The Fog is known for its inapt ability to place your keys in the freezer, milk on your toast and butter in your tea. Task lists and keeping a schedule is the best way to combat the Fog.

The Gloom Gang: Doctor Doom, Mr. Solitude and Shade Master

This gang leaves a trace of melancholy in the wake of their destruction. Members of the Gloom Gang can attack on their own, but they tend to hit all at once or in succession of one another. A Gloom attack usually starts with Mr. Solitude forcing a fibromite to be alone in their pain. Next, Shade Master spreads the fear of the pain with no bight end in sight. This feeling of fear and hopelessness is the Shade Master’s supreme power that helps Doctor Doom lay his path of depression — a path that would make Poe look to be a frolicking happy-go-lucky poet.

The gang strikes best after a fibromite has been fighting all of the other Super Villains for an extended period of time. The Gloom Gang also will speak through idiotic doctors, family and friends by whispering “It’s not real.” Only a fibromite’s best friends and skilled doctors have the weapons to fight The Gloom Gang. Their weapons exist in everyone, but few use them to help fights.  Weapons such as patience and offering help even when it’s rejected are key to killing the gang. A fibromite can cause the gang’s demise by finding joy in the little things.

What weapons do you use to kill this unruly gang of super villains and gloomy miscreants?


Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Which came first?The age-old question of which came first the chicken or the egg baffles scientists and comedians alike, and especially chronic pain patients.

Similar to the auras that precede migraine headaches, the onset of many of my pain attacks begin with simple yet effective signs telling me to, “Batten down the hatches girl, a storm’s a brew’n”. Usually a few days before a major pain attack, my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) acts up, my appetite decreases, and my sleep becomes restless. And, just to make life interesting, my warning signs have gone from a simple physical symptoms to a complex list of disorganized and unpredictable physical, neurological, and emotional reactions.

Part of the course with Fibromyalgia is memory lapse and a other neurological aliments called Fibro Fog. For example, my favorite is always the game of “Where did I leave my keys? – Just to find them in the fridge!” Fibro fog has always been manageable for me, until lately when it has begun to impair my ability to fully do my job. Imagine always having that one word on the tip of your tongue, that one idea just outside of your reach, that one memory remotely within your view- that is what my life feels like before a pain attack with Fibro Fog. Add in my usual IBS, sleep and appetite issues, and my life is just peachy.

This change in my body’s behavior led me to schedule an appointment with my pain doctor. Here’s the kicker- we do not know exactly what is causing the neurological issues. It could be the stressors in my life, my FM condition itself, or my medication. Hence, what came first the chicken of the egg?

The medication that helps my neuropathic pain has a side effect that could be causing my neurological symptoms. To make matters worse, without this medication I could not function as a normal member of society because of my nerve pain. On a day without a pain attack looming, my medication is at the appropriate level. However, combine the medication levels with the chemical reactions my body goes through before an attack, and WHOA MAMA let the Fibro Fog games begin.

So now, what do I do? My doctor and I decided to play the waiting game while I document my reactions over the next month. If we change my meds, I could end up in more pain, end up with a different type of pain, or better yet, end up with a whole other set of side effects: either physical, emotional, or neurological. Sometimes not knowing if the issue is a symptom or a reaction is the hardest puzzle to solve. Hopefully, by going back to the basics of keeping a pain journal will resolve all of our questions. I guess until then I will have a bunch of frozen keys.

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