Avoiding A Flare-up While At a Conference

imagesThis past week I have been at Content Marketing World. Traveling is already hard enough on my body. But, with all the networking, long hours, tons of work and extra energy a conference takes, your body goes through extra turmoil. It’s just a recipe for disaster — especially if you have fibro. So, how do you balance your business activity needs with your fibromyalgia?

Here’s what I do while I’m traveling for a business conference to make sure I don’t have a fibro flare:

Stick to a routine

We all do stick to a routine at home. Why not do it while you are traveling away from home? Presently, I am in a completely different city on a completely different time zone and therefore on a completely different routine. However, I try to stick as close as possible to my normal routine. When I’m at home, my morning routine is pretty simple — feed the cats, exercise, shower, make breakfast and go to work. So, I try to stick to the same scheduled routine while I am at a conference, minus the feeding of the cats of course. This helps my body adjust to the time change, stay alert and pain free.

Take extra time out for yourself

Crowds and continuous activity can be daunting for anyone, especially if you have a chronic pain disease. There is no rule book that says you HAVE to go to every session at a conference. Take a look at the schedule and see what sessions you can miss or where the gaps are in the schedule, so you can take some “me time”. For Content Marketing World, I skipped a session a day and tried to step away from the crowd for at least one break a day. This helped me remain fresh and alert for not only networking, but the breaks helped my body recharge.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I can’t say it enough — hydrate! I usually drink tea, but while I am away at a conference sometimes I need that extra jolt from a cup of coffee or two (or three). There’s nothing worse than coming down off of coffee to bring on a fibro flare. I carry a water bottle with me throughout a conference to make sure I drink water constantly. I also carry one on the plane. This helps me stay hydrated ,and plus it’s handy if I need to take an extra pain medication later on in the day.

Carry extra meds and vitamins

I started taking Emergen-c packets with me every time I travel — so much so that I have a box of the packets located on the shelf by my travel toiletries. The extra boost of vitamins help me not get so exhausted. I also carry with me a variety of meds and herbal teas to help with any mini-flares. At home if my body hurts, I have a variety of homeopathic remedies to help. Well, since it’s kinda hard to carry all of my comforting remedies in my carryon — like a heating pad, ice pack, bath salts, Icy Hot, etc… I have limited my remedies to a few herbal teas and pain medications in different dosages. I carry the different dosages because I just want to dull the pain enough to keep my mind fresh and my body strong enough to continue. The herbal teas are also easy to take anywhere at anytime, all you need is hot water. Most hotels have a mini coffee maker in the room, which is perfect for a cup of Smooth Move or Sleepy Time tea.

Dress for comfort

This tip can really apply to any avid conference goer. What’s the point of wearing heels or a fashionable top if they make you uncomfortable? I find you the best fashion accessory to wear while you are at a conference is a big, bright happy smile.

These are just a few tips I use to get through a conference successfully. Hopefully they will help your next conference or business travel experience be pain free!

What tactics do you use to manage your fibro while at a conference?

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