RLS: Gene mutation found

images-3Fibromyalgia patients commonly also suffer from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). This past week in Wheeling, W.VA scientist discovered the first ever gene mutation to be associated with RLS. Researches say that it is a functional gene mutation, found on the MEIS1 gene, which plays a vital role in development.
Another break-though is that the MEIS1 gene mutation, even though it is very rare, was found in family members who all had RLS.
For a while now, scientists have touched on the notion that fibromyalgia could have genetic links. The syndrome is commonly seen passed down on the maternal side of the family.
RLS researchers also found a mutation in gene BTBD9. These mutations combined with MEIS1 mutations showed up together on RLS patients more than the general public. But, this genetic combo mutation is thought to be non-functional.

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