Things to Remember When You Have Fibro

After living with fibromyalgia for over a decade, you’d think that I have this condition all figured out. Right?

Well, not quite. I still have to remind myself a few things. So, I made a lil’ deck to help myself and others remember the simple things to help cope with fibromyalgia.

Do you have fibro or chronic pain?

I’d love to hear what simple reminders help you out. Please let me know in the comments below.


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2 Responses to Things to Remember When You Have Fibro

  1. Toni says:

    I too walk a lot. Qiu gong seems to help with muscle pain since onset 11years ago.
    Also go to gym, do yoga, do aerobic tapes, classes at gym to serious for me.

    Watch what I eat, cut wheat and dairy almost completely.

    Hoping T3study proves thyroid is cause. I have thyroid orbitopathy, thickening of muscles behind eye and thyroid nodules. Endorse will not treat because number still within limits.


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